EDOB: September 8, 2019

Gender: Female
Good with: Cats

Energy level: Kitten - Average

Lima and her siblings Coco Bean and Pinto were found along with their mother, Beanie in the back of an abandoned car trying to escape the cold on October 11, 2019. Lima is a very smart girl and is curious about whatever you are doing or anything that you have in your hands. Who doesn’t love a cool cat? Little mustachioed Lima is a quiet, laid back kitten. She is quick to accept new situations and animal buddies. Lima will make anyone laugh with her innovative cat-games and ridiculous sleeping poses. If you spot a soft, white belly -  feel free to get it! Purring will intensify. She loves to splash around in the sink, and join you on the rim of the tub for baths. Naptime is best-time when you have a tiny Lima there to purr and keep you company!

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