EDOB: October 2018

Gender: Male

Good with: Cats, Dogs

Energy level: Kitten - Average

Logan was surrendered on April 18, 2019 through no fault of his own. This boy will steal your heart! He is such a lovable and affectionate little guy who loves to be held and loved on. He loves to cuddle with you and he is so easygoing and grateful for any attention that you give him that he will lay on your chest, lay on your shoulder or lay on your lap, it doesn’t matter to this guy. As soon as you pet him even once he starts purring and kneading. When he isn’t busy snuggling Logan loves to play with his wand toy and once he has caught it he likes to parade his catch around the house! But his most favourite toys are his ping pong balls; he loves chasing them around the house and will spend his whole afternoon entertaining himself! He is a talkative sweetheart who will let you know exactly 

what he would like; you can actually have a full conversation with him and he responds the whole time! For a young boy he is very confident and able to adapt easily to new situations. 

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