est DoB: August 2016 
good with: people, possibly another relaxed cat
activity level: relaxed 

London had a home, but was abandoned in the London Road area of Lethbridge.  He was being fed by some wonderful people who reached out to LCCR to get him help.


This handsome tabby has been described as: "tough on the outside and soft and squishy on the inside".  He loves our volunteers and is good around children, but due to his lifestyle outside (fighting to protect himself), he has a few scars.  Some say they give him character!

London is FIV+ which is not transmissable to humans and only passed to other cats through deep bite wounds. This is not uncommon in stray, un-neutered males who will battle over territory or females, but with his wandering days truly over, it shouldn't be an issue at all.

London is a loving boy that desperately deserves his loving forever family!  He is still wary of other cats and dogs, but over time and with some patience would likely be just fine with another relaxed cat. 

London 04.jpg