est DoB: October 2017

good with: cats, dogs

energy level: average

Louis and Pavan were found in Pavan Park and trapped in February and March 2018. Once reunited, it became easy to see the love between them. 

Louis is a very big, gentle boy. He loves human attention and will search for you. He will then play hard to get until you pick him up and then he is ready for all the love you have to give. He enjoys laying on your lap, or in your arms like a baby and he will fall asleep when you give him head or neck scratches. You will usually find Louis wrestling and playing with honey suckle bags. He also adores treats and prances around when he hears the bag open. Once he has a full belly, Louis relishes going for a nap by laying flat on his back with his tummy showing and legs sprawled out. 

Pavan is a very thankful boy who quickly warmed up to humans and loves to show his appreciation for you everyday. Pavan is very affectionate and will follow you around while rubbing against your legs every time you stop. He will chirp at you, and make little murmured noises. His favourite time of day is anytime there is food involved but he is very patient, never asking for a thing. Pavan is a happy, playful boy who enjoys chasing toys and running around the house with them.