MAIA + Griff, Luce, Lyla, Tiber


Mom and kittens are good with children and other cats, Maia has an average activity level and the kittens are quite active and playful.


MAIA - female

est DoB: 15 August 2020 

Griff (m)  grey tabby
Luce (m) dilute calico w/ grey stripe up nose
Lyla (f) dilute calico w/ grey dots on upper lip
Tiber (m) orange tabby

est Dob: 20 July 2021

Maia was homeless and terrified of humans when her finders noticed she was pregnant.  They continued feeding her and gaining trust, and now Maia is the biggest love bug! After following her to get her babies and bringing them inside, Maia immediately settled into her new life and continues to show what an absolute treasure she is.

This patient, gratefu,l and gentle girl loves to spend the day relaxing with her kittens, playing in catnip, and occasionally giving her kittens a playful wrestle. Maia loves nothing more than pets and kisses, she purrs the whole time, and she is FABULOUS with other cats. Maia has adorable little ears where the tips curl back!

The kittens are just the sweetest, cuddliest, playful bunch and they adore attention. They enjoy exploring and investigating all things new, so when they aren’t checking out new areas, you will find them wrestling or chasing each other and their spring toys.

Tiber is a ball of fun, courageous and is always the first kitten to introduce himself to both humans and other cats.  He is definitely the most independent of his siblings and would likely do well if he was adopted without any of his other siblings.

More information on the other kittens will be posted soon, but if you just can't wait please email us!

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