est DoB: April 2017
good with: dogs, cats, children

activity level: very laid back kitty

Masago is the feral boy who would have been killed by most shelters and rescues, if he had not ended up in the hands of LCCR, simply because he was feral.


He was found in the country, about 10 minutes from Coaldale; injured, bleeding, and scared. Upon rescue, it was discovered he had been shot in the back; had sustained a front impact to his mouth, knocking out teeth and leaving some broken; along with having a large gash in his ear…… He was immediately transferred to one of our medical fosters, and one who is known to rehabilitate ferals.


Through great patience, time, understanding, and love, this sweet boy transformed, becoming healthy and confident.


Masago is the best cat. He loves pets, and getting brushed. And he can make biscuits better than your grandma. He is a very mellow, laid back cat, and enjoys taking long naps – he has absolutely no interest in going back outdoors, and he comes when you call his name.


Along Masago’s rehabilitation journey, he met two little kittens…. Waffles and Squirt. These two kittens gave Masago great comfort and they all learned a great deal from each other. Through them Masago finally was able to experience things he had never experienced before; he learned to play, to groom, and to be part of a loving family dynamic.


A key part of Masago's transition has been forming bonds with other cats. Therefore, he should be adopted with one of his buddies or into a home that already has another feline friend (or two.)