female / male

est DoB: June 2018

energy level: average

If you are looking for the perfect pair, these two are for you!


Maya: this girl has so much character and personality! She adores human affection and wants nothing more than to burrow in your lap kneading biscuits! She is a little suckler with soft blankets! She loves attention and being talked to, she chirps right back at you doing a wiggle to tell you she wants pets! Maya really looks up to her big brother Mayan, the two are completely inseparable. They are always found together, eating, drinking, cuddling and playing. They are like little lemurs around the house when they play!


Mayan: the biggest lover and cuddler! He is so affectionate and gives the best cuddles. He loves to knead biscuits and burrow in your lap as well! He greets you every time at the door and gives you leg rubs! Mayan has the biggest paws, he could be mistaken for a polydactyl! And his tail is extra long with the cutest white tip! He is so attentive to you and what you are doing. He enjoys being involved in all activities! Mayan adores his little sister and looks out for her. They love playing together and Mayan loves to put the chase on. They truly protect one another!

Maya (f - above) and Mayan (m - below)

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