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All orders must be paid for by etransfer to


$20 CAD each

LCCR T-Shirts.jpg

Crew neck sweaters

$35 CAD each

LCCR Crewneck Sweaters.jpg

Hooded Sweaters

$40 CAD each

LCCR Hooded Sweaters 2.jpg

Total and Payment

If you have finished adding your order details please click SUBMIT. Once your order is received we will send you a confirmation email and your total. Please send payment via etransfer to and add your name in the message field. Please remember that we are all volunteers and that we will process your order as soon as possible.

**If you click submit and it takes you back higher up in the form, you have missed a required field. Please fill it in and try to submit again. 

Thank you for your order! You will receive a confirmation email once an LCCR volunteer has processed your order. Please send payment to

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