Gender: Male

Energy level: Relaxed

Good with: Cats, Dogs 

Midas was found in Sterling on November 22, 2018. He was in rough shape and had many broken teeth for which he had a dental and has healed well. Initially he was overwhelmed and scared coming to the rescue but he warmed up very quickly and realized how much he loves being loved by his humans. Midas truly is one of the most gentle and sweet boys you will ever have the pleasure of meeting. He loves nothing more than being pet and loved on. He is a very handsome boy and has a tiny meow for his size. Midas loves relaxing on his perch. If another cat is in it, he will sit nearby and patiently wait until the cat moves so he can enjoy his perch for the afternoon. Midas is a very caring and nurturing boy. He has been the 'grandpa' for Edward, when he was a young sick kitten, cleaning and comforting him. Midas also made quick friends with the other cats in his foster home, he is just the most wonderful and loving cat! 

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