Milo & Bruiser

EDOB: 2017

Gender: Male

Good with: Cats, Dogs 

Energy level: Average

Milo & Bruiser were surrendered in March 31, 2018 through no fault of their own. These boys are absolute heart stealers! They are the most loving and gentle giants you could ever imagine. Milo absolutely loves attention and will follow you around waiting for you to sit down for a minute so that he can hop up on your lap for some loving! He will roll over for some belly rubs while purring and kneading away. For a big boy he has the tiniest, highest pitched, little peep of a meow. You will hear his little chirp and moments later he will be on his tippy toes reaching up you as high as he can so you can pick him up to be held. Bruiser is also just filled with love. He loves to saunter around the house and rub up against you leg to let you know that he loves you. Bruiser may put on a serious face but he is so softhearted; he loves to be held and smothered with affection. He will let you hold him upside-down like a baby, and he will just snuggle in your arms, purring the whole time. Bruiser is not shy when it comes to water, he loves to paddle with both paws right in the bowl to get it moving before he drinks it. Once Milo and Bruiser have had a good cuddle, they both love to play! They both love catnip and will wrestle and roll with their toys once you sprinkle the catnip on it. Milo loves to chase after wand toys and will scurry around after them, Bruiser likes to gallop after his toys as roll down the hall. Both of these boys are great with dogs (Milo may actually think that he is dog), and do not mind other friendly cats.



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