DOB: 11 January 2021

activity level: active - kitten

good with: cats, dogs, children


Hi! My name is Nassau!

I was rescued when I was just over a week old. I was born on a feed lot and my mom Ocean tried her best to take good care of me and my sisters: Belize, Caicos, Haiti, and Lucia. I was cold and a little malnourished, just like my sisters, but we got stronger each day once we were rescued.  


I was really shy for a long time, but now my foster mom says I have “come out of my shell.” I don’t know what that means because I was never in a shell, but I do like running to her when she comes in the room, and I especially like it when she picks me up. I emjoy playing and wrestling with my sisters and I do enjoy cuddling up with them for naps. We have a cat tree at our foster home, and I think it is the greatest because I can look out the window at things and sleep up there in the sun too.


I now loves to sleep with my foster mom – like a human! And by human, I mean, sleeping right beside you tucked under the covers with my head peeping out. I love being under blankets and next to you!  I am the most social of my siblings, usually the first to approach any human or other pet.

I would like to be adopted with one of my siblings, or my mom, because I sleep with them every night and play with them and they just make me feel comfortable.


I can adapt because I am not shy anymore.