Help LCCR with a New Building

In February 2022, the City of Lethbridge issued a stop order against us, giving us 1 year to relocate or close down.

We are determined to continue taking in, and caring for, homeless, sick, and injured cats.

As a registered charity with no assets (our current location does not belong to us), we are extremely unlikely to be granted a mortgage so we need to purchase a new building outright.

Our volunteers are stepping up our fundraising efforts, and we have started online donation campaigns specific to our building fund.

click here for our GoFundMe campaign




click here for our Facebook campaign


You can also contribute via e-transfer and PayPal.  Please ensure you indicate your donation is for the new building.  


For e-transfer, please use "" and indicate "new building" in the message field

For PayPal, please indicate "new building" in the add a note field

Every single donation is going to help,
no matter how big or small and,
as always, we thank you!

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