Turbie & Noir

EDOB: April 17, 2018

Gender: Female

Good with: Cats

Energy level: Average

Turbie and Noir were born on April 17, 2018, their mother is Oracle and their sister is Gemini. Turbie and Noir have very different personalities and are both loving cats in their own ways! Noir is affectionate and loving; she loves to curl up beside you for lots of pets and chin scratches. Noir will talk away as she follows your around, rubbing up on everything and enjoying your company. Turbie is sweet and independent; she will come by for a pet but she doesn’t stay too long before she goes on her way. They aren’t shy to tell you when they would like something, they are vocal cats!

Turbie and Noir are fun little girls who love to spend their day chasing each other and their favourite thing to play with is the laser pointer. Once they have slowed down, they love to groom, cuddle and nap together. They also have hamster and rabbit foster siblings who they love; they will chase and groom one another! 

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