est DoB: August 2020

activity level: _____

good with: _____

Hell, my name is Ocean, but everyone calls me Mama. I was found on a feed lot with my 5 one-week-old daughters: Belize, Caicos, Haiti, Lucia, and Nassau. Due to neurological damage, I have a permanent head tilt, but it doesn't slow me down! In fact, it makes me look pretty cute. I also like to pack around a bunch of socks and keep them safe. They remind me of the babies I had to hide and protect when I was living on my own.


Most of my daughters have been adopted, but I love Caicos so much that we've become bonded. That means we will stay together the rest of our lives. We come as a package deal, which is good news for you because everyone knows that two cats are always better than one!



est DoB: 11 January 2021

activity level: active - kitten

good with: cats, dogs, children


Hi! My name is Caicos! I was rescued when I was just over a week old. I was born on a feed lot and my mom Ocean tried her best to take good care of me and my sisters. We were all cold and little malnourished but we got stronger each day once we were rescued.  


I had a hard time leaving my mom's side and she nursed me for 12 weeks. I was a little nervous and scared of everything, more of the watching type. My sisters helped me learn to socialize so much. My foster mom is so proud that I did it on my terms and now I like to play and wrestle. She let me take my time and said there is nothing to fear, and she was right! I also enjoy laying in the sun and people watching.

I am still a little shy and it takes me awhile to trust new people... maybe because my mom was feral and I watched how scared she was, BUT we have both made great progress. My foster mom says I am so brave, and she has allowed me to learn and socialize on my own terms. I like pets from her and will come for treats - did I tell you I love treats! She also told me I am the best fly-hunter she has ever seen. If you have a fly in your house, I will take my time and spend hours following it around, but you can rest assured, I will eventually get it for you.

I am very accustomed to other cats, dogs, and children. I like to sleep with the other cats, but I also like to sleep with the dogs. I am so lucky that I have both at my foster home.


I am looking for that special person who will take their time gaining my trust, be patient and understand me, and be there for me as I learn and grow. I am an easy going cat, and I like to take naps in the sun and watch out the window from the cat tree, I just need someone that I feel safe with. Are you that special person for me?

Ocean 02.jpeg

Ocean above, Caicos below