EDOB: May 2017

Gender: Male

Good with: Cats

Energy level: Average

Onyx was rescued from Fort Macleod on September 25, 2017 after the trailer that he and his colony were living under was going to be demolished. Initially he was terrified of humans but through watching other cats interact with the volunteers he has become much more trusting. Onyx is a very sweet, loving boy who while he is around his friends, feels very secure and he will allow you to get much closer to him than if he were on his own. When he is on his own he will let you approach him if you go slowly and he will smell your hand before going on his way. Onyx is most trusting in humans when it comes to dinner time! He will come right into the kitchen to sit and watch you make up his plate of food. He prefers to eat in a quieter room of the house so as you bring his plate to that room he will talk/chirp to you and walk beside you. This ‘walk’ however is more of a strut as he swings his hips side to side and curls the end of his tail in a very sassy manner. He is such a funny and adorable boy! Although Onyx is still timid when it comes to humans, he is completely confident and content in himself when interacting with the other cats. He loves to spend his days playing and cuddling with the other cats or relaxing with them outside in the catio. You will almost never find Onyx by himself, he always has some other cat around him! Because Onyx feels secure and loves spending his time with the other young cats, he would need to be adopted with along with one of his friends.

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