est DoB: 20 Apr 2020

good with: cats, dogs

energy level: active - kitten

Pam was found with her siblings (Jim, Michael, and Dwight) on 13 June in Warner.  They were living under a deck with no mom for 2 weeks before we were contacted.

Pam is a little tortoiseshell firecracker. She plays hard-to-get when you first meet her, but she quickly warms up and wants to cuddle and give you all the love!

Pam loves to play with her brothers and foster siblings, and her tail will vibrate when she is happy! Pam’s favourite spot to take a nap is on your lap, or in a cat pile with her brothers!

Pam (and her siblings) will be ready for adoption soon!  If you are interested in adding Pam to your family, please complete an adoption application

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