EDOB: September 8, 2019

Gender: Female
Good with: Cats

Energy level: Kitten - Average

Pinto and her siblings Lima and Coco Bean were found along with their mother, Beanie in the back of an abandoned car trying to keep warm on October 11, 2019.  Pinto is just the sweetest, most gentle little kitten. She never even needed to learn not to use her claws because she is so naturally sweet, she never uses them! Pinto is a very affectionate girl who is always happy to cuddle with anyone whether cat or human! Give one little pet to this love bug and she purrs almost instantly. When she isn't busy cuddling, Pinto loves to play with her siblings and foster brothers; Huginn and Munin. She also has a special talent of being able to stand on her back legs upright like a little meerkat! You often catch her just standing there on her back feet watching the world with her little white belly showing. Pinto will be available for adoption once she is weaned from her mother.

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