est DoB: 15 May 2020

good with: cats, children

energy level: active - kitten

Puck was discovered in Stirling with his mother Ginger, litter mates Fin and Sprite, as well as younger siblings Dana, Fox, Frohikee, Rayez, and Scully.
(other kitten profiles coming soon!)

Puck is very photogenic - look at this cat!  He only wears the bow tie for pictures or when cuddling or meeting new people, and looks at his foster humans like:
"What took you so long? I have been laying here looking cute forever!"

Puck loves to watch birds on the television, and has become very comfortable in the house. He follows his humans around for love and is happy to snuggle and get attention for extended periods of time.  He comes when his name is called, and kisses and head bumps everyone.

He's currently living with a different foster than the rest of his family and, after getting over being a very shy boy, he’s loving every minute of it! He loves to be petted, brushed, read to, head butts, basically spoiled rotten. 

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