est DoB: Sept 2017

good with: older/relaxed cats

energy level: relaxed

Rasputin was a stray from Turin where a woman had been feeding him and noticed that he was really skinny and did not seem well.  After a lot of tests for everything from anemia to cancer, on top of a bad flea infestation, it was finally discovered he had three different kinds of blood parasites!

After a few weeks of antibiotics, a dental cleaning, and of course a neuter, Rasputin was healed up and ready to take on the world.  He spent almost 3 months in his crate, but he never complained once and took it all in stride like the champ he is!  It's like he knew we were just trying to help him.

Sadly, the other male cats in the house did not accept him and were bullying him.  Rasputin has been moved to the converted garage with the older cats and he is doing great.  He is a quiet, relaxed guy who is getting more and more comfortable every day... and boy does he love to eat!!

Rasputin is FIV+, but highly unlikely to pass it to other cats as he has no desire to fight, and most of his teeth had to be removed from such bad decay.  FIV is passed through deep bite wounds, and this sweet boy can only 'gum' other kitties now.  FIV is not transmissable to humans.

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