Gender: Male

Good with: Cats, Dogs

Energy level: Average

Reiki was found frozen and emaciated on the Westside on February 21, 2019. His frostbite resulted in his ear tips and part of his nose falling off, but he is now a happy, healthy boy. Reiki is the sweetest, most grateful boy in the world. He loves getting attention and affection from his humans; he will sit for pets and love for as long as you will give it to him! Reiki is easygoing, gentle and friendly, and he gets along with pretty much anyone he meets. He enjoys the company of other cats and will greet them kindly before going on his way. He also gets along with dogs and he likes to play with his current foster pup brother. Reiki will spend his afternoon watching the birds through the window or playing and wrestling with his catnip toys before going for a nice, long nap in the sunshine.

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