est DoB: July 2017

good with: cats

energy level: average

Rolo came in from Vauxhall on 21 October 2017 with his mother Godiva, and siblings Aero, Reese, and Smartie who were all part of a colony that were saved from being poisoned.  He is the friendliest and most affectionate little cat, he will rub on your legs to let you know that its time to cuddle. Once you sit down, Rolo will immediately hop onto your lap and start snuggling up to you and his very long tail will wrap around your arm while you're petting him. 


Rolo adores other cats as much as humans; he is a sucker for their love, and will rub himself all over them until they start grooming and cuddling him back. Even cats that typically aren't fond of other cats, often warm up to sweet Rolo and you may also catch them cleaning him eventually. He is just the most affectionate boy!

Rolo spends his afternoons relaxing with his pals, but he also chasing and playing with the other young cats. He’s a fast little guy that will often catch up to other cats resulting in a quick wrestle before getting back to the chase. Rolo also loves to play with wand toys and toys filled with catnip, but because he is such a passive boy he will always allow any other cat to join in the fun (he’s probably secretly hoping it will result in a cuddle).


After being tuckered out by all the fun Rolo likes to have a snack and treats, but he is such an easygoing and grateful boy that he is never pushy or demanding. He just patently waits for his share while looking up at you with eager, hopeful eyes.

He loves to find a spot to curl up with one of his friends or his brother, Aero to spend the rest of the afternoon snoozing and cuddling. Because of Rolo's love of the other cats he would need to be adopted with one of his pals. 

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