3 females + 1 male (Tango)

est DoB: March 2019 (Sadie)  15 Dec 2020 (kittens)
energy levels: average

Sadie and her kittens Pepsi, Soda, and Tango, were discovered living in Mrs. H’s basement shortly after Christmas.  Mrs. H has no idea how they got in or how long they’d been there.  

Sadie is a very good mom because even though she was starving, her kittens were all well fed and looked after.

Sadie has frostbite damage on her paws, nose, and one ear tip - evidence she spent quite some time outside in the cold.  It is likely that Sadie used to be someone’s cat because once she gets to know you, she is very friendly and loves pets and cuddles.  

Sadie and her kittens have just moved into a foster home where they have more room to explore.  Right now, Pepsi, Soda, and Tango are pretty shy but we’re sure they will settle in quick and soon show us their true personalities.

Email us for more updated information.