EDOB: September 2016

Gender: Male

Good with: Cats

Energy level: Average

Salem was rescued in Fort Macleod on September 25, 2017 after the trailer that he and his colony were living under was going to be demolished. Initially Salem was quite nervous of humans and his new environment, but he was the most brave out of his kitten friends and learned quite quickly. While the rest of his friends stayed close together in their favourite room, Salem started venturing out to the rest of the house and now he will strut himself around finding any place to lounge that he feels like. He even enjoys your company and loves to be pet, he will give you kitty kisses (slow blinks) and push his head into your hand, he is very sweet. Salem is independent and inquisitive and will look at you with his big beautiful eyes watching you do things around the house. Although he is confident in himself enough to sleep on his own most afternoons, in the evenings you will almost always find him curled up with one of his friends having a snooze. Salem is definitely a cat’s cat. He loves to spend his day relaxing with his pals in the catio; chirping at birds and chasing bugs. He also loves to play with his toys and to chase the other young cats around the house. He is such a fun, spunky guy that if his friends are all sleeping and he wants to play, he will sprint around the house by himself, chirping and chattering away. Because of Salem’s love of his friends, Salem would need to be adopted with one of his pals. 

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