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Est. DoB: May 2010
Energy level: relaxed
Good with: cats, children

Kassie came to us after being severely neglected for years. She was massively overweight and her back end was covered in feces. It was so bad, maggots were crawling through her fur. After she came to LCCR and got the help she needed at the vet, test results showed that she has a rare cancer in her intestines that developed over time because of the ongoing damage to her backside.

Thankfully, Kassie will be able to live out the rest of her days with a clean bottom and a clean home. She has become very comfortable at the Ranch and can be found curled up in many different cozy places, such as on the kitty cot in front of the window, on a pillow on a shelf, or in a cat bed on the table.

She adores being pet (as long as you don't touch her bum, but like, why would you?) She does little tippy taps while she stands in place soaking up your attention. And she practically vibrates with excitement when she hears you open the bag of Temptations.

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