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Est. DoB: 2008
Energy level: relaxed
Good with: cats

Lenny is a gorgeous long hair, chocolate point Siamese who is one of the LCCR originals along with our late Bobby. He loved Bob dearly and he still seems to be processing his loss. He likes to greet new cats and is good friends with Penelope, Scooter and Six. He’s a smart but shy boy who is very gentle. He is an extremely intelligent cat and he hasn't quite reached the threshold of being 100 percent comfortable and accepting of humans. He is very beloved by his brothers and sisters in the Sanctuary. Lenny enjoys spending his days out in the catio with the rest of his friends. He enjoys playing with battery powered toys, mice, balls and wand toys if you catch him in the right mood.

This handsome boy is toothless due to prior dental issues, but he has no issues eating. He looooves food and temptations treats!

If you get the chance to pet him his fur is silky soft. But no touchie please! Lenny is not all that fond of pets and is much happier to watch from afar.

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