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Est. DoB: 2005
Energy level: relaxed
Good with: cats

Number six was rescued many years ago by LCCR's founder. He was part of a colony of cats from Cardston that were, sadly, being poisoned. He is named #6 because he was the 6th rescued from this colony and he had a sister named #5

#6 is pretty shy, especially around new people he hasn't met before. You'll quite often find him in the catio sleeping or just sitting there, you'll also find him under crates curled up on beds as well as on top of crates curled up on the bed (although it seems to be only when there's other cats up there with him.) Six loves his wet food and temptations cat treats. Six doesn't like fast movements or loud noises and will bolt away from those things. Sitting on the ground and just minding your own business or playing with the other cats is one way to get him comfortable around you and your scent, as well as not getting all up in his face and sticking your hand near him right away. Patience is a virtue with him. #6 has had many dental issues resulting in most of his teeth being removed so his tongue will often stick out by itself as there is nothing to hold it in. He is the strong silent type . He has unique markings and resembles a dairy cow . He’s fast (like super lightning fast)! He is a protector and friend to all in the sanctuary! He may not be the cutest or cuddliest but he is by far the kindest to others in the sanctuary and that makes him so endearing! #6 is a brave gentleman.

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