est DoB: June 2018

energy level: average

Sandy came into the rescue on June 22, 2020 with her kittens Joey, Chandler, and Phoebe; her son Ross came to us a couple of weeks later.(The "Friends" Litter)

Sandy has shown the feral code can be cracked! Mama Sandy came in very protective and unsure of human interaction, touch, and trust. After only a few short months she has come out of her shell and accepted the safety and love she finally has!


Sandy has always been a curious girl who watched from above or below and has blossomed into a beautiful companion house kitty! Sandy loves head scratches and nestles her head down in your hand closing her eyes. She stretches out for shoulder rubs and little butt scratches. Sandy enjoys belly rubs too!! She really soaks in all the love, attention, and pets she can. She is a playful girl and her absolute favourite is chasing wands! Sandy enjoys resting on the couch beside you after a cat play.


She is one of the most accepting cats, she has never turned a mean bone towards another cat or kitten. Every single kitty she accepts and loves. She is a very thankful and appreciative girl!

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