EDOB: February, 2017

Gender: Male

Good with: Cats

Energy level: Average

Shiver came in from Fort Macleod on September 25, 2017 after the trailer that he and his colony were living under was going to be demolished. Although he was very shy upon intake, Shiver has slowly learned to trust humans and now he enjoys being pet and loved. If he’s napping on the couch he is more than happy to have you sit beside him and give him long pets along his stretched out belly. He has become so confident in himself and his environment that he can’t help but to run from one side of the house to each other. Shiver just loves to play! He will also go up to the ceiling cat walks to run as fast as he can chasing his pals around, he will even give off little chirps of happiness! He loves to wrestle his with buddies Aero and Salem. They will all chase each other around the house and once caught they will wrestle until one of them gets free and then the chase is back on. If none of his friends are wanting to play, Shiver will happily find a catnip toy to wrestle instead! Once Shiver has worn off his energy he loves to spend his day relaxing outside in the catio or finding one of his friends to snuggle up with for a nap. Because of Shiver’s love of the other cats, he will need to be adopted with one of his friends. 

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