EDOB: August 2018

Gender: Female

Good with: Cats

Energy level: Kitten - Average

Silver was rescued with her mother, Gold and sister, Bronze from a colony living in Coaldale in January 2019. She is the friendliest little girl who has helped Bronze and Gold learn to trust humans very quickly! Silver loves attention from humans and is always happy to greet you. She will rub her little self up on your leg to show you her love. Once you are giving her pets, she will push her little head into your hand, purr loudly and roll over for a few belly rubs as well. Silver loves to play with Bronze and all of their toys. They will chase each other, then get distracted by a toy to play with for a bit, then they will go back to chasing each other again. She loves to snuggle up beside Bronze and Gold to nap the afternoon away. Silver would love to be adopted along with Bronze and Gold.

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