EDOB: April 2017

Gender: Male

Good with: Cats, Dogs

Energy level: Average

Simon was found on the Southside on February 2, 2019 when he was crying at his rescuer's door wanting to be let in from the bitter cold. He is a very sweet boy who loves being pet and getting head scratches. Simon will show his affection back to you by sniffing your face and giving you gentle kisses on your forehead. He also loves to love his foster pals and will cuddle up to another cat or dog for a nice long nap. After a good snooze, Simon is ready to play and will get all the other cats playing as well. He loves to find all the toys throughout the house, even those that have been lost  

under the furniture. He will a burst of energy and will slide himself around the entire couch, then will look up to you with excitement in his eyes. During the day Simon loves to burrow himself under blankets and he is a vocal boy; he will meow and chirp at you all day long.

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