est DoB: 01 June 2020
good with: cats, dogs, older children
energy level: active - kitten

Spirit is a young, energetic, and adventurous cat. Though it may take some time for her to get comfortable with you, she likes to be wherever you are. She loves to play endlessly and has a funny habit of snoring or breathing heavily when she’s concentrating.


Spirit is a very vocal cat, willing to join in on any conversation.  She prefers her own space either on the cat tree, under the bed, or even on the floor - she's not a lap cat.


She currently lives with three small animals and has had some friendly meetings with a dog. She can be feisty and does "play bite" so she’d be best in a home with without small children.  Her favourite toy is a rainbow string, she loves lasagna, and a good roll with catnip!

Spirit 03.jpg