est DoB: April 2019
good with: cats
energy level: average/relaxed

Spots hails from Stirling where he was part of a colony being fed by a kind woman.  One day he showed up a little dirtier than usual, limping, and with wounds on his front and hind legs.  Life on the streets just wasn’t for him.

One month later and he is all healed up and living the good life at our intake house.  

Spots is not quite used to people and likes to relax in the catio when anyone is around, but we catch him playing in the house and chatting to the other cats when the house is quiet.  He is starting to lose his fear of people and has discovered that he loves head scritches! It won’t be long before he is a cuddly lap cat... we hope!

We’d love all our cats to find a home with another compatible cat, but Spots would also be happy as a solo kitty. 

Spots 01.jpg