Gender: Male
Good with: Cats, Dogs 
Energy level: Average

Stamos was a homeless cat who was in very rough shape when he came to the rescue on October 19, 2019. His ears were horribly infected with ear mites and he had survival wounds all over his body, but with love and care from his foster home Stamos is now a healthy, happy guy and his battle scars are a distant memory. Stamos is a total flirt! He absolutely adores attention and he soaks it up every chance he gets. His favourite is head scratches! Stamos enjoys following you around the house while chirping at you from down below. He’s always rubbing at your legs intrigued where they will go next. Stamos is a very loving cat, and enjoys spending time beside you. Stamos especially loves cat wands, strings, and anything he can chase. He is a very playful boy, and a mighty hunter! He’s very gentle when playing and he’s ever so grateful and happy when you play with him.

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