Want to Volunteer?​

The Last Chance Cat Ranch is always looking for individuals who would love to help volunteer! You would be making a great difference to all of the cats and kittens at the ranch.

10 Ways to Help!

1. Main House Support: This is usually where we need the most help. Duties include but are not limited to feeding cats, refreshing water bowls, laundry, cleaning kennels, scooping litter, vacuuming and mopping floors, and playing and socializing with the resident cats and kittens. We find it essential for our volunteers to spend time and play with the resident cats as this not only gives the cats the love and attention they deserve but it also encourages those who are shy to be more social and trusting of humans. The main house has a few sanctuary cats as well as cats and kittens which are waiting to go be moved to a foster home or a forever home.


2. Going to vet appointments or picking them up: This may require driving to Fort McLeod or Taber. 


3. Hosting Event Tables: This includes monthly craft sales at Centre Village Mall or Adoption Events at HomesAlive.


4. Picking up pop bottles: LCCR does a monthly bottle drive.


5. Picking up donations: This could be monetary donations, toys, or other items.


6. Bookkeeping: This is essential for any organization. LCCR frequently has outstanding vet bills which need to be managed.


7. Social Media and Website Management: This involves volunteering on the Social Media Team which takes care of updating the adopted, adoption pending, and adoptable albums on Facebook and the website. It also inclues interacting with people that comment on any of our social media posts and responding to messages. Another aspect is managing posts on Facebook and Instagram to involve the public and keep interactions at the maximum level.


8. Event Planning / Brainstorming: LCCR is entirely run on fundraising and donations, making this a very important aspect. If you have any ideas that could result in fundraising or donations for LCCR, please contact us!


9. Fostering Cats: You can also help by fostering cats while we work on finding them a forever home. We supply you with everything that you need to take care of them; food, litter, vetting, etc. So basically, you get a free cat to love and care for until they get adopted out to their furever home! If you are interested, fill our the Foster application below. 

10. Adopt! We are always, always, always looking for furever homes for all of our cats and kittens. If you are interested, visit the Adopt Us! tab and fill out the Adoption application.

If you are interested in helping out and being apart of a fantastic team of volunteers, please fill out the application form and email it to thelccr@gmail.com We look forward to hearing from you!​

Volunteer Application

Foster Application

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