est. DOB: April 2019
activity level: average
good with: cats

Oh hello there... I noticed you noticing me. Was it my beautiful long fur that caught your eye? Or my gorgeous green eyes? In any case, you should come over here and give me a pet. No? That's fine, I'll come to you.

I came to the Ranch when it became obvious my owner could no longer care for me. Life hits you hard sometimes, you know.

I have to say, this place is wonderful, but a little crowded for my taste. I'd prefer somewhere quieter. I'm big for a kitty and I'd love a forever home where I can take up some space. I'd also love your undivided attention. I don't mind living with other cats, but if someone tries to step in on our cuddle time, I may give them a little smack.

What do you say? Am I the one for you?

Toby 03.jpg