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Male & Female
Est. DoB: March 2016
Energy level: TBD
Good with: TBD

After three weeks of very long nights, a lot of gas, people trying to poison them, tripping the traps, dumping the food, chasing them off property, and her heart breaking about the whole situation... our trapper was FINALLY able to rescue these feral cats from Magrath.

Bolt was absolutely terrified when he came to LCCR. However, he has since transformed into a giant cuddly panther who loves nothing than to be doted on. He is completely devoted to his sister, Brazen.

Brazen has a precious beautiful little face. Her tongue hangs out a lot and at times her bottom jaw looks like it isn’t completely aligned, probably from previous jaw trauma. She had to have part of her tail and some of her teeth removed. But we've discovered that she is excellent in the car and doesn't make a peep. She's teeny tiny for a full grown kitty and has stunning eyes! She's already made great progress since she's been with us and is ready to learn all about love and affection.

Bolt and Brazen are a bonded pair and must be adopted together by someone with experience with shy cats. We won't rehome them with just anyone. They need to go to someone who is willing to take the time and who fully understand what this brother and sister need.

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