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est DoB: 15 April 2020
energy level: average - timid
good with: cats

LCCR Founder Elizabeth Ginn was feeding a family of homeless cats near her home, but when it came time for her to move, she couldn’t leave them behind, so Daniel, Habib, and Boubacar (adopted) came to live at LCCR. In the process of trapping these boys, more cats were rescued: Corleone, Kamala, and Thackery. Kamala is "mama" to all of the others.

HABIB (m) est. DoB: April 2020
Habib is a gorgeous black long haired cat who likes to lounge a few feet away from wherever you are. He has gotten used to being around people, but is not quite ready for a snuggle fest. Slow and steady work with this boy is sure to turn him into a cuddle bug who calls the shots.

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