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Est. DoB: November 2019
Energy level: average - timid
Good with: cats

LCCR Founder Elizabeth Ginn was feeding a family of homeless cats near her home, but when it came time for her to move, she couldn’t leave them behind, so Daniel, Habib, and Boubacar (adopted) came to live at LCCR. In the process of trapping these boys, more cats were rescued: Corleone, Kamala, and Thackery. Kamala is "mama" to all of the others.

Thackery is a floofy tabby who is learning to appreciate cat-people for the safe and loving humans we are. If you come too close, she is likely to fly in the opposite direction, but a slow and patient approach will surely win her over. If you respect her space and invite her into yours, a bond will begin.

Thackery is currently in a foster home with someone who is working to help her overcome fear. Here's what her foster has to say:

"I've learned so much about Thackery. She is actually the loveliest cat when she isn't scared to death. And that's all this was, a mask, because she was literally scared to death of me and any other human that got too close.

"It's so fun watching her rub her face on a cat tree with glee, stare down at me from the top of her cat tree at night with a goofy look on her face and toss cat nip toys in the air when she thinks I'm not looking . She won't play alone out in the open, but she does play with the fishing rod toy with me.

"This morning I could feel tiny purrs coming from her and I gave her some scratches on her backside. We're not quite at the face touching stage... one day at a time with this girl!"

Way to go Thackery! You've got this.

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