EDOB: 2017

Gender: Female

Good with: Cats, Dogs 

Energy level: Average

Tuxi was found abandoned in Pavan Park with Dom on May 13, 2018. She is the sweetest, most gentle girl who wouldn’t harm a fly. Tuxi loves to be around her humans and she will greet you by rubbing all over you legs just hoping that you will give her some attention. She really loves nothing more than getting pets, cuddles and kisses! Tuxi enjoys relaxing beside you on the couch and you will know that she is happy by her big loud purr. She also loves to play; she will wait in her tunnel for the right moment to shoot out to pounce and wrestle with her toys. After having a play, Tuxi enjoys spending her day watching the birds come to the feeder outside and likes to finish her viewing with a treat. Photos really do not do this girl justice, she is the most adorable, petite little girl! 

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