EDOB: 2016

Gender: Male

Good with: Cats, Dogs

Energy level: Average

Venti was found on the Southside with frozen paws during the winter of 2016. Under Venti's big, tough exterior is really just a soft hearted teddy bear! He just loves to enjoy your company; to relax with you and have a good cuddle. He is the friendliest boy who loves nothing more than to snuggle up to you and give you head rubs every chance he can. When not getting loved on, Venti is easygoing and laid-back. He loves to relax around the house or in the catio watching the world go by. Venti occasionally he will get a burst of energy and will feel playful, then he will try to sneak up on you around the house! Venti is also a very smart cat. He has taught himself how to open cupboard and closet doors to see what is in there!

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