EDOB: 2011

Gender: Male

Energy level: Relaxed

Vincent came to the rescue in the beginning of August 2018 from Diamond City. His rescuer had seen him around for years as a stray and brought him to the rescue when he had noticed his deteriorating health. Vincent came in with scar tissue on his eye lids and broken teeth but he has had the necessary surgeries and begun to heal well. He is a very sweet boy and loves to be cuddled and loved on. Vincent loves pets and head rubs, he will roll onto his back to get some belly rubs as well! He purrs the whole time, showing his appreciation. Vincent loves to play and wrestle with toys filled with catnip, he will roll around while holding it in his paws to chew away on it! Vincent has become quite comfortable with being an indoor, cared for cat but he is still learning how to cohabitate with other cats.

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