VIRGINIA + Brady, Thomas, Zaeem​

Virginia (female)
est DoB: May 2020
activity level: average-relaxed 

good wtih: children, cats


kittens: 3 male, 1 female

est DoB: 01 October 2021

activity level: active-kitten

good with: children, cats

Virginia is a very friendly cat who is always wanting pets and attention. She has been a very good mom to her babies!


Zaeem is like the Energizer bunny - always the first one at the door trying to run out, and the last one to go to sleep!  He enjoys jumping on your back and climbing to your head, which he does easily, being so long and lanky. 

Tom is just about as lanky as Zaeem, but tends to be a little more reserved. He is very playful and loves shoelaces and various toys. 

Brady (PENDING ADOPTION) is the fluffy boy and is bigger than the others. He likes getting pets and bellyrubs and will gently chew your finger. He is more of a snuggle-bunny than this brothers.

These kittens would do best adopted in pairs or into homes with at least one other cat

Virginia and kittens.jpg