EDOB: 2018

Gender: Female
Good with: 

Energy level: Average

Wisteria was rushed to the vet on May 23, 2019 after being found burned all over her body. Two hours after arriving at the vet, Wisteria gave birth to four kittens; Aspen, Azalea, Cinnamon and Hyacinth. Wisteria is thought to have been a homeless cat as she was initially nervous around humans. After a short time of attention and love from her foster mom, Wisteria became comfortable and trusting. Now she will show everyone she meets what a lovable, affection girl that she is! Wisteria loves pets and cuddles; she will rub up on you and nudge her sweet little head into you hand to show how much she loves you. Wistiria is a soft and gentle girl, who never asks for anything and is appreciative for everything. She truly is a remarkable girl. Wisteria spends most of her day relaxing and caring for her kittens but she is still a kitten herself, at most a year old, and she loves to play with her kittens or her toys! 

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