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Est. DoB: February 2019
Activity level: low - average
Good with: cats, older children

Agave was found wearing a collar. Unfortunately, he had managed to slip one of his front legs through it and it was cutting into his neck and armpit. He had been living like that long enough for the tissue to start growing around the collar, but thankfully we got to him before the wounds became infected.

Agave is a big cat with the most gorgeous face. He exudes quiet confidence and sits up tall with the air of a king. Until it's time to eat that is! Then he becomes a persistent little rascal who will shove his head into the bowl to gobble up whatever you've prepared.

Agave is very calm and quiet. His favourite spot to sit is right on the kitchen counter, where he can watch over his kingdom in pensive solitude. He gets along well with other cats but would also probably do well in a home as the only pet. He is always happy to see people and will present himself for pets and head scratches, even from older children who know how to treat cats with gentle respect. He is likely to become a very comfortable lap cat.

This dignified tabby also enjoys perching up high, taking naps, and not taking life too seriously.

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