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Est DoB: TBD
Energy level: calm
Good with: TBD

Aiko was a pregnant stray when a wonderful young man took her in. Unfortunately he passed away soon after the kittens were born, which is how mama and her litter found their way to LCCR.

Aiko is a gorgeous siamese with pretty seafoam green eyes with a circle of aquamarine around the pupils. She loves to be pet and also likes to talk, especially to find her kittens when a new human comes into the room. She does not enjoy the company of other cats at the moment, but that may be because she is protecting her litter. She would just love a human around her for pets all day but is fine laying around when the humans are gone.

Aiko is still nursing her kittens but she will be ready to go to her forever home on May 10th.

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