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est. DoB: November 2016
energy level: average/relaxed
good with: children, other cats

Amiri came to LCCR under unusual circumstances... he was being fed by a family who assumed Amiri was a girl because he was always accompanied by kittens. One of those kittens was hit by a car, but the rest survived because of Amiri, and LCCR was contacted to try and rescue the whole entire bunch! LCCR’s trapper stepped in and started saving them one by one.

Amiri was beaten up quite severely by a very aggressive Tom cat and again surprisingly had another kitten in tow. Amiri and the kitten were both successfully trapped and to our surprise Amiri was not a girl - or a mom - but was just a sweet protector of these kittens. This makes Amiri even more endearing.

He was completely shut down, terrified, and in very rough shape when he came to us with bleeding from his nose and lots of injuries.

He has made an absolutely fantastic recovery and is the biggest "lover boy" - he flips right over for belly rubs, makes air biscuits, and just wants your love!

This boy could not be any more deserving of a fabulous forever home! Amiri obviously loves other cats and would do best with another cat(s).

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