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est DoB: November 2020
energy level: average
good with: cats, children, possibly dogs

Poor little Bandit was surrendered by his owner, as he had a urinary blockage and she asked for him to be euthanized. We were able to get him the help he needed and he is feeling much better now! Because of this blockage he needs to be on a special diet to prevent the crystals that cause the blockage.

Bandit loves people and playing! He is a major love bug that wants all of your attention. When he was at the intake house the volunteers noticed that he longed to be out of his crate and would often squish his little face up against the bars. Bandit is a snuggly guy who loves being picked up and will melt in your arms. He is very affectionate. He is a doll, who uses his voice and paws to communicate with you.

If you want to give this cuddly boy a forever home please contact LCCR or fill in an adoption application!

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