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Est. DoB: July 2020
Activity level:
Good with: Cats, dogs, likely kids

Bekku was found abandoned and hungry under someone's porch. Since then he has been brought into LCCR he has been adjusting to his wonderful foster home!

Bekku is so great, he is weird in the best way possible. His foster has never seen a cat enjoy being active as much as Bekku, he is a very cuddly little man but he is always down for some fun. For the most part, Bekku spends his days laying in the sun and snoozing away, when he isn't doing this he is either playing with his new cat friend or prancing around the house finding new corners to sleep in. He is super open and comfortable with new things. He hops instead of runs and he also loves to play fetch with random objects rather than his toys. He likes to sneak attack you when you aren't looking. He really enjoys the washroom as he can play with the water when it is running. Bekku likes to lay on his back and he swings his tail back and forth while being upside down!

Bekku would be well suited to a home that is somewhat quiet but at the same time busy, he loves to be active so anyone who loves to play lots and snuggle would be a great fit. He is very good during the day when his foster mom is away at work he is calm and she never comes home to a mess.

Bekku has not been around kids but he would likely do well with them. He is very social and very talkative, all he wants is other friends such as cats or dogs. He absolutely loves the dogs at his foster home although he is still a bit shy. Bekku and the other cat in the house are starting to really love each other so he would likely also do well with another cat in the house.

If you could give this active boy a home please fill out an adoption application!

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