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Est. DoB: May 24, 2023
Energy level: active - kitten
Good with: cats, children

*Located in Taber*

Little Chico was rescued in Taber by a kind family when they found him being attacked by crows. Despite being allergic, the little boy in the family wanted to keep the kitten and even offered to donate his sisters just to keep him. But alas, his parents made the decision to keep their girls and send Chico to a foster home.

Chico has been loving every minute of it. He is an endless ball of energy. During the day he pushes his litterbox all over the place and chases after the other cats in the house. At night he entertains himself by doing parkour all over his kennel. He has been found bouncing off the walls, climbing every inch, and dangling off the ceiling. He loves toys and chases after them with so much vigor he loses track of them.

He's also turned into a total cuddle bug. He purrs up a storm in his foster's lap and likes to sleep either on her pillow or under the covers with her. What's not to love?

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