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Est. DoB: TBD
Energy level: relaxed
Good with: cats

Cookie came to us after a group of employees at a construction store had been feeding him. By the time he came to LCCR and we found his owner, it had been almost a year and the owner's health had declined. So she surrendered Cookie to us, with the promise that we would find him a new home.

Cookie is a calm, sweet, lovey boy. He is living in a foster home where he fell in love with three little foster kittens who had also recently moved in. He took excellent care of them and was an amazing big brother. His calm demeanour kept the kittens from getting too wild. He loves being loved on and will reward you with endless purrs. Cookie is a no-fuss sort of guy who is happy to sit on the bed or looking out the window. He's also a fan of playing with toys if his human is playing with them too.

Cookie was previously a world traveller and is accustomed to plane rides twice a year. If you're looking for a companion to take with you on your adventures, or one to stay at home with you, Cookie is the one for you.

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